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Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit

Dog Tail Cactus Dragon Fruit Vine Ever been hiking in the desert heat and come ...

OluwaSeun 4 Jan, 2024

Green Gardening Insights

The Royal Copley Cat Planter

As an avid planter and lover of all things feline, I was thrilled to discover the Royal Copley Cat Planter. Its whimsical design blending my...

OluwaSeun 5 Feb, 2024

The Tierra Verde Self Watering Planter

When my friend and I decided we wanted to start a backyard garden, we knew we needed a versatile planter that would make gardening low-maint...

OluwaSeun 5 Feb, 2024

The Japanese Fish Bowl Planter

While browsing a local nursery, an unusual planter caught my eye - a decorative glass fish bowl designed for plants rather than pets. I...

OluwaSeun 4 Feb, 2024

The Lefton Planter

My love for an indoor plants always makes me look for planters that look good and take care of my plants. That's when I found Lefton pla...

OluwaSeun 4 Feb, 2024

Belavi Stacking Planters

As a gardening hobbyist with limited outdoor space, I'm always looking to experiment with container options that maximize my small ...

OluwaSeun 31 Jan, 2024

The Atreyu Planter: A Hanging Container Garden Experiment

As an avid gardener living in a small city apartment, I'm always looking for new ways to grow plants in non-traditional spaces. Intr...

OluwaSeun 30 Jan, 2024

Caput Medusae Jellyfish Plant

Imagine having a mesmerizing plant that resembles the captivating tentacles of the mythical Medusa. Introducing the Caput Medusae Jellyfi...

OluwaSeun 26 Jan, 2024