The Royal Copley Cat Planter

As an avid planter and lover of all things feline, I was thrilled to discover the Royal Copley Cat Planter. Its whimsical design blending my two interests was too charming to pass up. Here's what I've learned after using one for the past year.

Vintage Royal Copley Cat in the Cradle Ceramic Indoor Planter

What is Royal Copley Cat Planters

This unique container garden option is crafted by the renowned Royal Copley company, known globally for their distinctive figurines since the 1770s. The cat planter depicts a plump kitty sitting casually with an indent in its arched back acting as the pot.

Sizes range from 6-12" in height depending on desired scale. Each ceramic piece is hand-painted with delicate features and fine details like whiskers or patterned fur. Their paw bases provide stability for indoor or outdoor use.

What I love most is how realistically lifelike yet fun and playful they appear. These living sculptures blend seamlessly into any home's decor while adding plant life. Their curling tail handles offer the perfect perch too.

Choosing My Cat

After gazing at the display of feline poses, I selected the laidback "Milk Mustache Cat" sitting primly with a saucer between his paws,. At 10" tall with an 8" planting space, it felt proportionate for tables or shelves.

Its creamy white coat and rosy pink nose really popped. I knew this cheerful companion would bring a smile each time I saw him. His charming face is what sold me, ready to become the new garden guardian of my home.

Assembly and Planting

Bringing him home, I drilled drainage holes in the bottom for breathability then filled the arched back with a moisture-retentive potting mix. 

Small pothos cuttings and spider plant baby sprigs went in first to establish roots.

Moss trimmed the edge seamlessly. A dollop in his saucer completed the scene. Sitting proudly under sunny windows, my new cat planter buddy seemed right at home with his green tails to groom. His lighthearted presence added instant calm cheer.

Observations Over Time

As my plants thrived under his curled paws, lush vines spilled over the sides beautifully. My cat planter buddy attracted many admiring glances from visitors too. Watching new growth emerge was so gratifying after my TLC.

Meanwhile, he appeared perpetually amused by the blooms and bustle of critters. His soothing facade never fails to lift my spirit, remind me of simpler pleasures. 

I adore how my plant-loving side and fondness for felines interconnect thanks to his charming vessel garden form.

Care and Maintenance

Since porcelain is non-porous, wiping him down with a damp cloth keeps any dust or dirt at bay.

His planting space requires typical soil care like amendments, fertilizer and the occasional repotting into a larger cat later on if roots fill out.

Otherwise, this planter asks virtually nothing! Its contained ecosystem thrives on its own terms indoors. I get to appreciate hands-off gardening while a beloved creature companion oversees. It's a relaxing partnership I greatly value.

Best Plant Matches

Certain species especially complement the cat planter's charming ambiance:

  • Pothos
  • Spider plants
  • Philodendrons
  • Small ferns
  • English ivy
  • Peperomia 'Rosso'
  • Tradescantia
  • Lipstick plants
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Small succulents

Trailings vines cascade beautifully. Bold pinks or greens bring extra visual pop too yet remain dainty enough not overwhelm his presence. It's all about textural balance and harmony.

Commercial Insights

At $50-80 depending on size, Royal Copley cat planters are quite an investment versus your standard plastic container. However, I find:

  • Premium craftsmanship ensures decades of use
  • Display piece that elevates any home's aesthetic
  • Low maintenance, self-contained ecosystem
  • Adds unique garden element without extra effort
  • Brings a little magic wherever it sits

Factor in how much I enjoy ourdaily interactions together, the smiles and conversations it inspires, and I believe this planter adds great value far beyond its cost. It's an heirloom quality purchase warranting the upfront price tag.

Vintage Royal Copley Cat in the Cradle Ceramic Indoor Planter

Where to Shop

Some trusted retailers that reliably stock the full Royal Copley cat planter collection include:

  • Specialty home goods/gift shops
  • High-end garden centers/nurseries
  • official website
  • for vintage pieces
  • marketplace
  • Local antique stores

For authenticity, I suggest sticking to places known to carry top heritage brands. Seeing and feeling the quality in person is ideal if possible before your purchase as well. Just be wary of cheap imitations sold elsewhere online.

In conclusion

This charming planter has greatly enriched my plant parenting experience. I appreciate its whimsical motif providing hours of calming company. Its inherent gift-worthiness means friends now collect them too!

If you enjoy regaling in small pleasures and desires an endearing garden sculpture, I wholeheartedly recommend a Royal Copley cat planter. You'll be smitten, I promise, by its irresistible charm nurturing plant life. It brings me profound joy daily - I’m certain it will for you too.

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