The Tierra Verde Self Watering Planter

When my friend and I decided we wanted to start a backyard garden, we knew we needed a versatile planter that would make gardening low-maintenance. After doing some research, the Tierra Verde Self Watering Planter caught our eye. Here is my review after using it for over 6 months now:

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What is the Tierra Verde Self Watering Planter?

The Tierra Verde Self Watering Planter is a large planter container made of durable, UV-resistant resin. What sets it apart from traditional planters is its built-in watering system.

It has a hidden reservoir at the bottom that stores water and wicks it up through a fabric lining to the soil above. This means you don't have to water as frequently when using the planter.

It comes in several different sizes to accommodate different amounts of plants, from the 18" model that holds 8-10 plants up to the giant 40" model that can hold over 50 plants. We opted for the 24" planter which holds 15-20 plants depending on their size.

Key Features

Wicking fabric lining that carries water from reservoir to soil
  • Built-in water reservoir holds 4-6 gallons of water depending on size
  • Wicking fabric lining carries water from reservoir to soil
  • Durable resin construction is UV, crack and rust resistant
  • Feet on bottom provide airflow and prevent sitting in water
  • Decorative stone covering hides reservoir from view
  • Hole on backside allows for easy filling of reservoir

Setting it up

Setting up the planter was very simple. We filled the reservoir with water through the back hole, laid the fabric lining over it, added potting soil on top, and planted our assortment of vegetables, herbs and flowers. That was it! No complicated assembly required.

The best part is how low maintenance it is. At first I was watering every 3-4 days as it instructed, but soon realized I only needed to water every 5-7 days even in hot summer weather.

The reservoir slowly releases water to the plants as needed. No more daily hand watering like with traditional planters.

Variety of Plants You Can Grow

The versatile sizes and styles of Tierra Verde planter allow you to accommodate all sorts of different household plants. Here are some top options I've seen thrive in them:

  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Jalapeño peppers
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Spider plants
  • Petunias
  • Marigolds
  • Zinnias

The deep 15" height gives plenty of root space for larger vegetable plants. We've even had tomatoes over 4' tall! Herbs, flowers, and trailing vines thrive in it as well. It's been very accommodating to different plant sizes and watering needs.

Low Maintenance Garden Oasis

I have to say, having this self-watering planter has really changed our gardening experience for the better. With traditional planters, it was a chore keeping everything watered on a scorching summer day. 

But now, coming home to find my garden thriving with moist soil has been a relaxing surprise. The built-in watering means far less time spent maintaining it.

On weeks that get busy, I know the plants aren't suffering from lack of water. It's become a low-stress, hassle-free way for us to enjoy gardening. Stepping out into the oasis we've created has been extremely rewarding.

Pests and Disease Prevention

Keeping the soil consistently moist also helps deter unwanted garden pests and diseases. The plants simply don't experience the same kind of moisture stress that makes them vulnerable.

We've had very few issues with pests like aphids or diseases like powdery mildew that are common in traditional gardens. Healthy, hydrated plants just seem more resilient.

Long-Term Durability

After using the planter continuously for 6 months with no signs of wear, I can see it lasting for years to come. The UV-resistant resin material shows no fading or cracking.

The fabric lining is still intact with no tears. Even after filling and emptying the reservoir countlesstimes, the hole on the backside for filling it remains sturdy. The planter is also lightweight and easy to move around if needed.

Commercial Insights

At $150-300 depending on size, the Tierra Verde planter is more expensive than your average plastic or wood containers. However, I believe it provides excellent value when you factor in:

  • Years of use with no maintenance or repairs needed
  • Major water and time savings vs. daily hand watering
  • Ability to grow a larger, more productive garden space
  • Decreased risk of pests/disease from moisture stress
  • Enhanced gardening experience with less chore/more leisure time

For serious gardeners looking for optimal results, I think the upfront cost is more than made up for in the impact it has on long-term success and enjoyment of their garden. The potential yield from extra planting space also pays dividends.

Tips for Using Your Tierra Verde

  • Use a moisture-CONTROLLED potting mix for best wicking action
  • Fill reservoir completely for longest time between waterings
  • Gradually increase hardiness of plants as they grow sturdier roots
  • Consider adding a drip system attachment for water top-down too
  • Rotate plant positions periodically to prevent leaning toward light
  • Companion plant for synergy and use vertical space with vines
  • Top off reservoir before traveling to maintain moisture
  • Prolong water supply by adding a solar fountain pump attachment
  • Overwinter tender plants indoors or use in fall/winter for cold hardy crops

Where to Purchase

You can find Tierra Verde self-watering planters for sale at many garden centers and online retailers. Some reputable vendors include:

  • Gardener's Supply Company
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Ace Hardware

I would recommend shopping around as pricing can vary slightly between stores. Make sure to buy from authorized retailers to avoid knockoffs or damaged products. 

Gardener's Supply Company often has the best selection of sizes. If ordering online, check for shipping costs that may apply.

In Conclusion

I am beyond pleased with our Tierra Verde self-watering planter purchase. It has truly enhanced our gardening experience and yielded incredible results with very minimal effort required.

Being able to walk out to a lush, hydrated oasis of edibles and flowers anytime has been deeply satisfying.

I would highly recommend giving one a try if you're an avid gardener looking to save time and reduce stress. The upfront investment has far paid for itself in what we've been able to grow.

It's certainly the way to go for anyone wishing to create a thriving, productive garden that almost runs itself. I can see us getting many productive years of use out of ours.

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