The Lefton Planter

My love for an indoor plants always makes me look for planters that look good and take care of my plants. That's when I found Lefton planters at my garden store.

Vintage Pink Lefton Japan baby Working Musical Plant, Lefton Planter, Planter Review

They have cool modern designs and come in different sizes. I wanted to try one. Here is what I think after using a Lefton for over two years.

What is the Lefton Planters

Lefton makes high quality ceramic planters. They make them from strong clay that looks great inside and out. Their fun shapes are functional too.

They have round, square and other special shapes like oval or rectangles. Sizes go from tiny 4 inch pots to huge 24 inch showstoppers. This lets you find the perfect size for any plant.

The clay is good for plants too. It breathes better than plastic so roots get air. The walls also control moisture and temperature nicely. Overall, Lefton makes the best home for growing plants while decorating your space.

The Planter I Picked

lefton round tower planter, lefton planter
floral design,planter
lefton round tower planter, lefton planter, floral design,planter

After thinking hard, I chose the Lefton Round Tower. I liked how it looked like a sculpture. At 16 inches tall with a 10 inch top, it has lots of room for roots too. The smooth outside polish looks nice anywhere.

The straight tapered walls make fixing soil and drainage easy. No soggy bottoms in tight curves! Removable plates under each let water drain well when watering. I knew this one fit my needs and style perfectly.

Setting it Up

I brought my new Lefton Tower home, filled it with fluffy soil and put my 4 inch philodendron cutting to root. Moss on top finished the look.

Now it sits proudly on my living room side table, blending right in to my space. Guests love its sleek look and how healthy my plant is inside. I knew I chose the best planter partner.

My Philodendron's Growth

Over a year later and wow, it grew huge inside the Lefton!

Its strong roots grip the walls and it sends out lush new growth non-stop. No signs it's crowded either at its big size now.

I enjoy seeing my tiny clipping thrive so abundantly. The perfect drainage, air, and moisture from this high-quality planter thanks to the perfect conditions.

Care and Cleaning

The Lefton itself is easy to care for. I wipe down the glaze when dirty with a damp cloth. Dried soil rinses away easily. Since it's dishwasher safe, deeper cleans are simple as my plant grows.

For soil, I add compost or worm castings every 6 months plus loosen any crowded roots. A little fertilizer too and its shine stays like new.

Plants That Do Great

The various Lefton sizes let you keep all kinds of houseplants happily. Some top ones I've seen are:

  • Philodendrons
  • Pothos
  • Spider plants
  • Peace lilies
  • ZZ plants
  • Snake plants
  • Ferns
  • Small succulents

You can mix textures, colors, and growth styles too for cool displays. Their drainage keeps anything from tropicals to thirsty plants enjoying a home.

Vintage Lefton Bisque Pink Swan, Lefton Planter, Planter Review

Commercial Insights

As with any high-quality ceramic product, Lefton planters do come at a premium price point ranging from $30-150 depending on size and complexity. However, I believe they provide excellent long-term value when you consider:

  • Years of durable use without replacement like plastic planters
  • Low maintenance and ability to thoroughly clean over time
  • Allows largest, happiest specimens due to ideal growing conditions
  • Helps increase home/apartment plant collection's monetary value
  • Creates focal decorative centerpieces enhancing interior design

Compared to the cost of replacing plastic planters that degrade faster, or continually buying new plants that may struggle, the Lefton is very reasonably priced. It will hold its quality for many plant rotations and years of enjoyment.

Shopping Tips

The most reliable retailers to find the full collection of Lefton planters include:

  • Specialty indoor plant stores
  • Garden centers and nurseries
  • Online boutique plant shops
  • Design/home goods stores like World Market
  • Amazon

Some also pop up at discount stores periodically. When shopping, look for brands stamped on the bottom and be wary of any without or sold at unusually low prices as these could be low-quality knockoffs. Lefton themselves do not have an online storefront.

In conclusion

I have been beyond thrilled with my investment in this Lefton Tower Planter. It has enabled one tiny clipping to transform into a vibrant houseplant that benefits my home's aesthetic and air quality too. I appreciate the sturdiness, self-watering ability, and exquisite shape.

This planter has more than earned its keep over the past years. I would confidently gift or recommend Lefton to any fellow plant parent looking for only the best ceramic containers. Their planters foster absolute plant parenting success - that's a guarantee I'm willing to stake my reputation on! 

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