The Atreyu Planter: A Hanging Container Garden Experiment

Atreyu Planter

As an avid gardener living in a small city apartment, I'm always looking for new ways to grow plants in non-traditional spaces. Intrigued by its hanging design.

I've been an amateur gardener for 5 years. While I don't have outdoor yard space, I enjoy maximizing what little balcony room I have to grow plants. I'm continually experimenting with different types of containers to find those best suited to small spaces.

I recently purchased an Atreyu Planter online to try out on my balcony. Here is my experience over the past 6 months testing this unique container garden.

What is the Atreyu Planter?

Made of powder coated steel, this cylindrical hanging planter measures 11 inches wide by 14 inches tall and holds about 3 gallons of soil.

Drainage holes and an attached ring make it simple to hanging from structures. I purchased mine directly from the Atreyu website for $39.99 plus shipping.

Assembly and Installation

Putting the Atreyu Planter together could not be easier. No tools are required - you simply add potting mix and plants.

The hanging hardware is already securely attached. I chose to use braided jute twine to hang my planter, but rope or chain would work as well.

I hung it from the ceiling of my front porch using screws anchored into the rafters. It supported the weight with no issues. I was also able to position it perfectly centered how I envisioned. The total assembly took me less than 10 minutes start to finish.

Choosing Plants

When planting up my new hanging planter, I chose a mix of trailing vines, foliage plants and compact flowering annuals. Some of the best varieties I found included:

  • Petunias, begonias and calibrachoa for trailing color
  • English ivy and creeping fig for gorgeous foliage
  • Dwarf varieties of mandevilla and morning glory vines
  • Licorice plant, spider plant and wax begonia
  • Dwarf flower such as lobelia, bacopa and lobularia

I aimed for a lush, spilling effect while making sure the plant roots had plenty of room to grow within the 3 gallon capacity. Regular pruning and trimming keeps everything neatly contained within the 11 inch diameter.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for my planted Atreyu planter has been very low maintenance. I water thoroughly whenever the topsoil starts to dry out, about every 5-7 days on average.

The drainage holes allow excess water to release quickly so the plants are never sitting in soggy soil.

Every few weeks, I give it a dose of water soluble fertilizer diluted to the label instructions. This keeps everything lush and flowering vigorously all season long. As vines and foliage spill over the rim, I simply use garden shears or scissors to trim as needed.

Pruning pesky dead growth removes clutter and stimulates new growth. So far the powder coated steel has held up beautifully with no signs of rust or wear after 6 months of use - both indoors and out. Come fall, I'll bring it inside as a decorative touch until spring.

Benefits of Hanging Container Gardening

One of the biggest appeals of the Atreyu Planter has been maximizing my limited garden space. By hanging it, I gained valuable floor area underneath that can now be used. It also adds a whimsical flourish to places that traditionally don't get gardened.

Hanging Atreyu Planter

So far, I've hung my Atreyu planter in multiple locations to wonderful effect - on the porch, above my front entryway and even dangling from a tree branch indoors. Its narrow shape fits neatly along walkways and doesn't stick out like bulky pots either.

Having access to all sides also makes it easier to enjoy and maintain versus tending to the backsides of large ceramic pots. Birds and pollinators flock to the showy blooms as well. It brightens up dark corners and creates an oasis wherever strung up.

Preventing Water Issues

My only initial concern was keeping the hanging pot from becoming waterlogged after rainfall. However, the generous drainage capacity and powder coated steel construction have prevented any issues so far.

The holes are large enough that water pours straight through rapidly versus sitting inside. And hanging under eaves ensures it doesn't collect much direct rain either.

As an added precaution on rainy days, I simply bring it under cover if leaving it outdoors unattended for long periods.

No rust, cracking or any other weathering problems have occurred. Overall, it has held up flawlessly against sun, wind, rain and heat – proving the powder coated finish superior for outdoors. Even now at the 6 month mark, it looks as good as new!

Customer Service Experience

When I had a minor question a few months in about taking it indoors for winter, the Atreyu customer service representative I spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They patiently answered all my queries in a friendly, courteous manner.

Hearing firsthand how responsive their team is reassured me that this planter was truly built to last. 

I appreciate companies who stand behind their products with excellent support after the sale. So far the hanging hardware and powder coating show zero signs of wear either - it's exceeding all expectations really.

In conclusion

While I remain cautiously optimistic about the Atreyu Planter's design and build quality long term, I've enjoyed the process of adapting my gardening to a unique container option. 

For apartment dwellers or those short on floor space, it provides an attractive way to showcase greenery vertically. As my experiment continues, I'll provide updates on performance over the seasons.

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